12 Everyday Object Makeovers That Are The Work Of True Genius.

We take for granted that things were designed the way they were for a reason, and that if there was a better way, they would have figured it out. Well, be it technology or a bit of outside-the-box thinking, these designers indeed came up with a better design for everyday objects. Everything from bicycles to bunk beds to toilet paper rolls, these designers prove that there are more efficient and better ways to make many of the common things we interact with daily. Not only that, but they turn these things into pieces of functional art that not only serve a more efficient purpose, but visually look amazing. Check these very cool inventions out and be sure to share with friends and family!

1.Amazing set of stairs that is also wheelchair accessible.

2. Incredible bunk bed with a bookshelf and hangout area.

3. Never run out of toilet paper!

4. Coffee table and cat nap table.

5. Easy plug in and plug out.

6. No more wasting toothpaste. This design guarantees it all gets used.

7. Turning an old piano into a functional desk.

8. A contemporary cat condo.

9. A doorknob that gives a fisheye view of what’s going on in the other room!

10. Clever school supply case that looks like a tortilla!

11. A self-locking bicycle. Genius!

12. A fold out television for bedtime Netflix and chilling.