101-Year-Old Mom Wants Out Of The Car Immediately. Son Captures Footage That Has Everyone Laughing

She is 101-years-old, and her son knows the importance of savoring as many more memories as possible. During one drive in the snow with his mom, he stopped the car in order to make a turn-around. But while stopped, his mom opened the car door and out into the snow she proceeded.

Armand, the son, had his camera with him and began to capture this precious moment. His mom bent over, packed a snowball, and threw it in the air! Just like she probably did when she was a little girl. It all comes full circle.

On top of that she was laughing and indeed her laughter will have you giggling as well! What an awesome reminder from an elderly lady of how we all need to stop and enjoy the holiday season by having some fun the same way you did as a kid. So great how her son recognizes and appreciates how awesome his mom is!